Why publish with APP?

Academic Printing and Publishing (APP) has published quality academic books for 40 years. Our authors are among the leading scholars in their fields and many APP books now sell for considerable sums in the rare and collectable book market.

We have great respect for our authors and sincerely believe that a successful publication is a collaborative effort to serve the highest academic and publishing standards.

Though we are a relatively small publishing house we are committed to ensuring that our authors receive courteous personal attention throughout the submission and publishing process.

APP has excellent long established global publishing connections and marketing expertise.

Our focus is Classical Civilisation and we welcome Publication Proposals from suitably qualified academic authors in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, religion, art and archaeology of antiquity.

If you have a completed or well advanced manuscript for our consideration please complete the Publication Proposals for evaluation before submitting the manuscript.

Classical Civilisation Publication Proposal Submission and Review Process

Upon receipt your Publication Proposal is subject to the following process.

1. Your Assigned APP Editor's evaluation.

2. Where that evaluation report recommends advancing your proposal it is distributed for peer review by at least two eminent scholars in your discipline. You will be asked to provide names and contact details for two or three qualified reviewers whose opinion you value. We may include some of these among our reviewers.

3. The peer review reports are assessed by the assigned editor in consultation with you. Reviewers names are confidential.

4. You are then invited to respond to the peer reviews, and consultation may propose appropriate revisions.

5. Your response is assembled with your proposal, the Assigned Editor's evaluation and peer reviews for consideration by the APP Editorial Review Panel.

6. You will be advised in a timely fashion of the Panel's decision.
In the event it approves and authorises publication APP's internal departments commence the publication and marketing process.

7. Your Assigned APP Editor remains your primary point of contact throughout that process.