Desire, Identity And Existence: Essays in Honor of T.M. Penner

Naomi Reshotko (edit.)

Original essays in honour of a leading interpreter of ancient thought. Includes an Introduction and brief biography, and a bibliography of Penner's writings. Topics discussed include the chronology of Plato's dialogues, Justice and Politics, Plato on Pleasure, Socratic Egoism and the Desire for the Good, and issues in ancient metaphysics and epistemology.

These articles … provide a detailed and stimulating discussion of several topics in ancient Greek philosophy dear to Penner’s heart, and indicate the fruitfulness of his approach“ (Philosophy in Review).
The compliment the contributors pay Penner is to attempt to refine his views … specialists will find much to appreciate“ (Heythrop Journal).
A very good collection that testifies to the importance of Penner's work, and especially to the liveliness of the debates this work has created" (Philosophie de l'Antiquite).

Contributors: Mariana Anagnostopoulos, Scott Berman, James Butler, Antonio Chu, Alan Code, David Estlund, Melinda Hogan, Patrick Mooney, Sandra Peterson, Naomi Reshotko, Christopher Rowe, George Rudebusch, Gerasimos Santas, Michael Taber, Paul Warren.

ISBN: 0-920980-84-8 (bound)
ISBN: 0-920980-85-6 (pbk.)
ESBN: 978-0-9945418-7-1

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